Self-Service Riso Printing

Local to Lancaster, PA? Interested in learning how to Riso print and print your projects yourself? Email us at to make an appointment for self-service printing!

You must attend our Riso training session before coming to print. Details below:

TRAINING Self-Service Printing

This is a one-on-one appointment to learn how to use the self-service Riso printer at Risolve Studio. This is a brand new top-of-the-line one color Riso printer. You will have the option to print from the scanner glass or from a digital file. A Risolve team member will walk you through how to operate the Riso printer as well as tips and tricks for creating Riso printed work.

Duration: 1 Hour

Cost: This training session is $55 and is all inclusive - Pricing for self-service printing beyond this training can be found below.

Location: Risolve Studio
22 E Vine Street
Lancaster, PA 17602 USA

If the available times don't work with your schedule, please email us at and we will be happy to help!

About Self-Service Printing

Once you have completed the training session, you may book self-service printing time by emailing us at

You will have full access to Risolve Studio's entire workshop space and top of the line one color Riso printer for the duration of your appointment. Our staff will be available to assist you as needed. 

Available equipment:

  • One Color Riso SF9490
  • 11 Riso Color Drums: 
Fluorescent Pink   ☻ PMS 806 U
Fluorescent Orange   ☻ PMS 805 U
Orange    PMS ORANGE 021 U
Yellow   ☻ PMS YELLOW U
Green   ☻ PMS 354 U
Teal   ☻ PMS 321 U
Cornflower   ☻ PMS 292 U
Blue   ☻ PMS 3005 U
Federal Blue   ☻ PMS 288 U
Black   ☻ PMS BLACK U
  • Large standing work tables
  • Automatic paper folder
  • Hand scoring machine for cards
  • Hand saddle stitch stapler for zines

Make-ready paper for setting up the printer is included.

Additional paper can be purchased from us. We have a variety of papers available at a wholesale price that are tried and true papers that are well suited for Riso printing. We highly recommend using the paper we have at the studio.

You may also bring your own paper. Paper brought in to use on the machines must be pre-approved before printing.

Paper requirements

These are the paper requirements if you plan to bring your own paper to print on:

  • Must be uncoated - our ink will not adhere to papers with a coating (such as glossy or satin)
  • Must be no thinner than 20lb bond (75 gsm) or heavier than 80lb cover (218 gsm)
  • Must be no larger than 11"x17" and no smaller than 5"x8"
  • Stacks of paper run through the machine must be cut to a uniform size
  • Must not be bent or damaged
  • Must have a clean edge, no rough or deckled edges

If you have any questions about a paper you would like to bring in, please send us an email before your appointment at More info about paper can be found on this page.

Self-Service Pricing

  • Usage fee: $15 per hour
  • Masters: $2 ea.
  • Impressions: $0.15 ea.
  • Paper: $0.10 - $0.75 ea.

Example pricing for 50 2 color prints:

One hour on the machine ($5 every thirty minutes) plus ink color (2 colors x $2 per = $4) plus $.15 per impression (print coming out of machine). Average two color 11x17 single sided print will cost about $35 for 50 prints plus paper.

Two color prints generally take 1 hour and four color prints generally take 2 hours.

    Services we provide for an additional fee:

    • Paper trimming
    • Book binding

    Email us at to make an appointment for self-service printing!