Risolve Studio Artist Collection Submission Fall 2023

The Risolve Studio Artist Collection is a curated series of limited edition risograph prints featuring the works of talented artists.

For the very first time, we are opening up submissions to the public and five artists will be chosen.

We are currently accepting submissions through September 29th and limiting submission to US based artists only.

Applicants will be notified in early October if they have been chosen.

Fall 2023 Submission Deadline: September 29th


Submission Requirements:

You may submit up to 3 different 11"x14" 300-600 PPI print designs to be considered (max. print area 10.5"x13.5").

Your submission does not need to be print-ready but it must be intentionally submitted with risograph printing in mind as the final result. Our file set-up for Riso print requirements can be found on this page.

You must have a US shipping address to be considered. We will not ship internationally.

If you are chosen:

We will Riso print a limited edition of 50 prints on premium paper at no charge to you. 

We will ship all 50 prints to you so you can sign and number each print.

Then using our return shipping label, you will return 25 prints to us.

Once the prints are returned to us, we will create a high-res scan of the final print along with promotional images/videos. These will be sent to you for your use.

Our 25 prints will be sold by Risolve for $25 each. You can choose any sale price for your half.

When we list the Risolve prints for sale, we will include your bio and any links to your website or social media you would like shared. 


Is there a theme? 

No theme! The main thing is just to submit anything that you think would look fantastic as a Riso print.

What type of artwork are you considering?

Any type of artwork as long as it fits within an 11"x14" print format size. Illustrations, paintings, photographs, posters, etc.

If my submission is chosen, will I still own the rights to it?

You retain full ownership of your artwork and you are free to use it for any other purpose in the future. You may also feel free to submit existing artwork, you do not need to create a new piece.

What is the deadline?

September 29, 2023 is the last day to submit artwork.

I want to submit something but it isn't set up for print. Can I still submit?

Yes! Your submission does not have to be print-ready. If you are chosen, we will happily assist with any file set up necessary and will work with you personally to get your piece ready for print.

If I am not chosen, can I resubmit?

Absolutely! If you are not chosen for this round, you will be able to resubmit for the next. We will only be selecting 5 artist prints for this round.

I am already a featured Artist Collection artist, can I submit another piece?

Yes! Submission is open to all.

I'm not located in the US, can I submit?

For this round of submissions we are requiring all artists to have a US-based shipping address. We may open up to international shipping in the future. Currently high shipping costs and international tariffs and taxes make it prohibitive.

If I am chosen, when will I receive my prints?

If your submission is selected we will reach out to you and work with you directly to digitally proof and print your edition in October. Our goal is to have all prints completed and shipped before the end of the year.

Once your prints are complete, we will ship the full edition of 50 prints to you for you to sign and number. You will then need to return half back to us using prepaid label we provide. We will then document the prints on our end, create promotional materials, and send everything your way to be listed for sale. We ask that you hold off on listing your prints for sale or promoting them until these steps have been taken.

My question isn't on here. How can I get it answered?

Please feel free to email us at hello@risolvestudio.com and we'd be happy to get back to you!