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Riso printing

We offer a variety of printing and finishing services. The Riso machine can accommodate up to 11" x 17" sized paper to create the following projects:

Posters, flyers, books, art prints, menus, maps, invitations, folded cards, envelopes, invitations, zines, brochures, and much more.

Risograph Printing is a digital duplicator process that has unique characteristics and always contains slight imperfections. These include: 

  1. Smudging. Risograph ink is made from a combination of environmentally friendly soy oil, water and pigment, the prints are reminiscent of newspaper ink and it is possible to smudge the ink.
  2. Uneven coverage. Large flat areas of solid ink coverage are likely to show some slight variations, which can include pinholes and flooding.
  3. Registration. Riso is like screen printing in that each ink color is layered on separately. A single piece of paper will run through our machines several times for multi-color projects and the overlap of colors can be irregular.
  4. Tire marks. When a paper is fed through the machine multiple times and it is heavily inked, the paper feeder rollers may leave tire marks on the pages face or end sheets.


We are a full service graphic design studio. Get in touch with us either by requesting a quote or by contacting us directly and we will work with you to figure out how to best fulfill your needs.

Paper options

The Riso can accept paper with weights from 20lb bond (75 gsm) to 80lb cover (250 gsm). We keep a variety of paper types and weights in stock.
Due to the nature of Riso ink, we can only work with absorbent, non-coated paper. Using absorbent paper will minimize potential smudging. We have found that vellum and smooth papers work the best.

Binding and finishing

We offer several book binding and finishing options in-house as well as coordinating with a local bookbindery and finisher we know and trust.

Our most common binding methods include: saddle stitching, side stitching, and perfect binding.

File set-up

Max paper size: 11" x 17"
Max printable area: 10.5" x 16.5"
Zine/book sizing:

  • Most cost effective: 5"x8" (or smaller)
  • Largest saddle stitched book: 8"x10"
  • Largest perfect or wire-o bound book: 10"x16"

In order to take your project to print, we need a 300-600 PPI PDF with your spot colors channel separated (not layer separated).

If you are unsure of how to set your files up, the links below are our step-by-step file set-up information depending on what Adobe program you are using to create your artwork or book:

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

 How to export your PDF for print

We are happy to separate and set up your files for you. We charge $55 per hour for file set up and will provide you with a digital proof of your artwork before starting the run.

Please DO NOT:

  • Include crop marks
  • Flatten your PDFs
  • Export a book as spreads (please export a book as pages)
  • Tile your artwork up on an 11"x17" page

Ink colors

Our machines use soy-based inks in a variety of colors designed specifically for the Risograph process. The colors can be used with transparency and overprinting to create additional colors through overlapping.

We currently have 36 different ink colors to choose from. We recommend using 1-4 ink colors for your print project.

Colors that can be used together on our two color Riso MZ1090:

Fluorescent Pink  ☻ PMS 806 U
Neon Coral  ☻ PMS 812 U
Fluorescent Orange  PMS 805 U
Bubblegum  ☻ PMS 231 U
Cranberry  ☻ PMS 214 U
Bright Red  ☻ PMS 185 U
Orange   PMS ORANGE 021 U
Sunflower  ☻ PMS 116 U
Yellow  ☻ PMS YELLOW U
Light Lime  ☻ PMS 387 U
Kelly Green  ☻ PMS 368 U
Hunter Green  ☻ PMS 342 U
Turquoise  ☻ PMS 3275 U
Light Teal  ☻ PMS 320 U
Mint  ☻ PMS 324 U
Aqua  ☻ PMS 637 U
Blue  ☻ PMS 3005 U
Federal Blue  ☻ PMS 288 U
Steel   PMS 302 U
Violet  ☻ PMS 265 U
Purple  ☻ PMS 2685 U
Burgundy  ☻ PMS 235 U
Brown  ☻ PMS 7526 U
Flat Gold  ☻ PMS 1245 U
Metallic Gold  ☻ PMS 872 U
Light Gray  ☻ PMS 424 U
Black  ☻ PMS BLACK U
White  ☻ WHITE
Clear  ☻ CLEAR (for thermography use only)


Colors that can be used together on our one color Riso GR3770*:

Fluorescent Pink  ☻ PMS 806 U
Peach  ☻ PMS 932 U
Cranberry  ☻ PMS 214 U
Yellow  ☻ PMS YELLOW U
Green  ☻ PMS 354 U
Hunter Green  ☻ PMS 342 U
Turquoise  ☻ PMS 3275 U
Teal  ☻ PMS 321 U
Cornflower  ☻ PMS 292 U
Medium Blue  ☻ PMS 286 U
Steel  ☻ PMS 302 U
Dark Mauve  ☻ PMS 687 U
Burgundy  ☻ PMS 235 U
Flat Gold  ☻ PMS 1245 U
Black  ☻ PMS BLACK U

*The GR3770 is a Riso printer from the 90s. It prints one color at a time and registration is harder to control. We will not use both machines for one project, please do not pick ink colors from both lists. For the most accurate printing we recommend choosing ink colors from our MZ1090 list.

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