Sustainability at Risolve Studio

Risolve Studio has always been committed to sustainable, eco-friendly printing. Our shipments are packed with recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible.

100% Solar Powered

We are so happy to announce that our print studio is run by the sun. In 2023 we installed solar panels on our roof to create enough solar energy to fuel all of our needs and give back to our local grid.

Low-Energy Printers

Our Risograph Printers are power savers, consuming 1/10th the power of similar sized digital printers. We print with Riso SF945s which are ENERGY STAR quali­ed, RoHS certifi­ed and ERP compliant. 

Eco-Friendly Rice Based Inks

Our vibrant and beautiful inks are made from the oil of rice bran, a natural by-product of rice production that contains NO VOCs or chemical drying agents. The by-product of the bran oil production can be further used as fertilizer or animal feed. Read more here.

Sustainable Papers

We offer only uncoated papers that are sustainably sourced and manufactured. Our stock include FSC and SFI Certified, Recycled, and 100% Post Consumer Waste (PCW) options.

Risolve Studio solar panels on our roofRisolve Studio solar panels on our roof